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Research Student: Gisli Vogler

A (Critical) Realist Foundation for Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought: Understanding the Power, Mechanisms and Limitations of Political Judgement

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My research follows recent debates on realism in political theory which open up an important space to explore judgement in a contextual non-moralist manner. Furthermore, as will be argued, Arendt’s influential theory of political judgement and ethic of reality can be interpreted in a similar fashion, while her approach is incomplete and only suggestive. The PhD will therefore explore the sociological/institutional context of politics in which judgements – however theorised – are enacted, by combining Arendt’s theory with current social research insights in the form of Margaret Archer’s realist social theory and more generally scientific and critical realism.

Further to my research, I organize the annual Conference for Interdisciplinary Approaches to Politics (CIAP) and am Co-Founder of the White Rose Research Network for Interdisciplinary Approaches to Politics (RNIAP).

Research Interests:

Political Judgement, Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought, 20th century (German) Political Thought, Political Realism, Scientific & Critical Realism, The Power Debate, Structure & Agency.


I obtained my B.A. in Politics (Economics & Business) at the University of Munich (LMU) with an ERASMUS exchange at the University of Birmingham, and my M.A. in Politics and International Relations (Political Theory) with distinction at Hatfield College, Durham University.

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