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Richard Akpenyi
Contestation and Corruption in Elections: An analysis of forms, causes and evolution of election corruption in Nigeria’s Delta State. (September 2018)

William Allchorn
When Anti-Islamic Protest Comes to Town: Political Responses to the English Defence League

Carlos Alberto Arellano-Esparza
Human flourishing: an assessment of social policy in Mexico (March 2015)

Uzma Asif
India/Pakistan strategic nuclear relationship (September 2012)

Nadirah Mohd Azmi
Health Security Crisis in South-East Asia: Asean's roles and challenges


Greg Barnes
Market Creation and Failure; The Case of the European Union Public Procurement Directives


Nisanee Chaiprakobwiriya
Gender, Identities and Politics of Development: A Case of Highland Sustainable Tourism in Northern Thailand

Michael Chasukwa
Political Economy of Development Programmes in Malawi

Jo Clarke
Sport for development discourse and power dynamics: British and American NGOs in Cameroon


Petra Desatova
Branding the Nation: Politics of national identity formation in Thailand (September 2018)

Ryan Donovan O'Connor
Discourses of Intervention: An Analysis of Multiple Sites of Production and Their Contribution to the Legitimacy of Action (September 2017)

Sarah Dorr
The reception of the Arab Spring in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan: A study of political change (September 2018)


Gareth George
Communal Sovereignty (September 2019)


Dr Joshua Hobbs
Cosmopolitan Sentiment: Motivating Global Justice


Imran Iqbal
Interplay between Regional and International Security Dynamics: A Study of Nuclear Proliferation and Religious Radicalization in South Asia (September 2012)


Natalie James
Education providers ‘Preventing Violent Extremism’ in Young British Muslims


Visara Kraiwatanapong
The role of policy networks in governing transnational environmental issues in Southeast Asia (October 2016)


Yinyi Luo
Communication Studies (December 2016)


Tom McMeeking
A reassessment of the leadership of John Major using the Greenstein model

Andrew Morton
The role of law in regimes of labour relations: A critique and corrective of Comparative political economy (February 2017)


Re-engaging with Formal Politics: Unions Elites and Workers’ Perspective on and the Challenges of Electoral Engagement of Unions in Indonesia’s Local and National Elections. (August 2019)

Neda Nobari Nazari
A comparative analysis of the policing and prevention of radicalization and violent extremism in the UK and Denmark

Jack Newman
The Ontological Assumptions in Government Welfare Policy since 2010 (September 2018)

Nicole Nisbett
What makes for effective and meaningful parliamentary online public engagement? (September 2020)

Alex Norman
Indigenous representation in Nunavut (October 2019)


Ken Ohnishi
Analysing the Use of Compellence during Peace Operations

Anna Ozimek
Qualitative Inquiry about the Construction of Polish Videogame Practitioners’ Occupational Identities (October 2017)


Panuwat Panduprasert
Political Role of the Military in Thailand since 2001 (October 2017)

Stefan Pedersen
Planetary Ideologies

Claudia Mvula Pollen
An analysis of Women’s Agency in the Zambian Floriculture Industry using a Global Production Network Approach: Mechanisms and pathways for Agency (September 2017)

Dan Poprdan
The Paradox of Civility: Civil Behaviour and Imposed Rights (June 2018)

Alex Prior
Parliament and Public Engagement (September 2018)


Euan Raffle
Security, Emancipation and State Vigilantism- the War on Drugs in Southeast Asia (October 2019)

Jessica Rucell
Contemporary Violence and Colonial Conditioning: South Africa's Maternal Health System


James Simpkin
The Incorporation of Ballistic Missile Defence into the Labour Government’s Security Policy: 1997-2010. (October 2018)


Binh Thi An Trinh
Civil society and Development Alternatives through everyday practices of Vietnamese non-governmental development organizations.


Yuri Van Hoef
Friendship in World Politics. Assessing personal relations between American and European heads of government (September 2017)


Daniel Wand
The International Criminal Court in a Changing World

Alex Waterman
Managing’ insurgency: Counterinsurgency and order negotiation in Northeast India (October 2018)

Ben Willis
North Korea and the Responsibility to Protect: The International Politics of Atrocity Crimes (September 2019)

Noa Wirth- Nogradi
Worse than “Badly off”: Evaluating the tools proposed to realize global justice in a gendered world


Chi Zhang
Terrorism, radicalisation and changing identity: a study of counterterrorism strategy in China (October 2016)

Kalina Zhekova
The Question of International Intervention in US-Russian Relations from 2009-2014

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