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Dr Alan Craig

Pears Lecturer in Israel and Middle East Studies

I am interested in the relationship between International Relations and International Law and the mechanisms by which differing understandings of international law impact on state legitimacy. I am Chair of the European Association of Israel Studies. I am joint program director for the MA International Relations and Politics of the Middle East.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the dynamic relationship between Israel’s construction of international humanitarian law (IHL), the conduct of its military operations and Israel’s state legitimacy. Case studies include targeted assassinations, the Second Lebanon War, Cast Lead in Gaza and the Gaza flotillas. I also research the Universal Jurisdiction whereby domestic courts prosecute war crimes of foreign nationals committed abroad. The attempted prosecution of Israeli political and military elites in the UK, Belgium and Spain are analysed in a comparative perspective.


I currently teach on the following modules:

  • Israel Politics and Society (level 3)
  • The Politics of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

PhD Supervision

I am keen to supervise students in the following fields.

  • Israeli Politics
  • International Relations and International Law

Key Publications

  • Craig A and Jones C, 'Discovery of Israel's Gas Fields and their geopolitical Implications', Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, July 2013.

Journal Articles

  • Craig, A. 'Lebanon 2006 and the Front of Legitimacy', Israel affairs, Volume 15, Issue 4, 2009, pp. 427-444.
  • Craig, A. 'The UN Vote on Statehood: What it means for Israel and Palestine', Near East Quarterly. August 2011.

Chapters in Books

  • Craig, A. 'Lebanon 2006 and the Front of Legitimacy', in Efraim Karsh, Rory Miller and Michael Kerr, Conflict, Diplomacy and Society in Israel-Lebanese Relations, (London: Routledge, 2010), pp. 109-127.
  • Craig, A. 'Israel's Arab Spring', in Larbi Sadiki, Routledge Handbook of Middle East Democratisation (forthcoming).


Web resources

  • Web site under construction: Israel Studies Conversations, featuring conversations with influential academics working in the field discussing their research.


Media Contact Areas

  • Israeli international security policy
  • International humanitarian law (the laws of war)

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