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Research Student: Dr Wali Aslam

"Operation Iraq Freedom: United States and the Idea of 'Great Power Responsibility' in International Society"

Photo of Dr Wali Aslam

My thesis is a study of US foreign policy from a normative perspective. It addresses the potent question of what responsibilities a great power has in international society. In order to conduct this study, this thesis clarifies and then employs a normative framework provided by the English School of International Studies.
The English School of International Relations sets out the unique concept of international society where states have rights as well as responsibilities. The great powers, by virtue of their status and position in that society, have some additional rights and responsibilities. It is from that perspective that this thesis intends to study Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This thesis will contribute to the academic literature from two perspectives, first by engaging with theoretical debates on relationships between international society and great power responsibilities. Theoretically, it looks at ideas such as the management of concert of great powers, consensus building, good international citizenship, and prudence as a virtue of international statecraft.

These concepts would then be employed to consider ideas driving the foreign policy of the first Bush administration from 2001-2004, focusing specifically on Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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