Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

School of Politics and International Studies

Human Rights, Power and Civic Action

01 August 2008 - Ongoing

In collaboration with the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights at the University of Oslo, this new project commences in mid-2008. It is funded by the Research Council of Norway under their 'Poverty and Peace' programme. The project engages with a perceived shortcoming of rights-based approaches to development, that is a relative neglect of the dimension of power, with existent structures and relations of power acting as constraints on the realisation of rights. A three-year, five-country study, the project aims to examine and compare struggles for human rights by non-governmental actors in Cambodia, Ghana, Kenya, Nepal and Zimbabwe. It will examine the structures of power responsible for the negation and denial of human rights, as well as how rights-promoting organisations challenge such structures.

Professor Crawford is lead researcher for the Ghana case-study and also joint project co-ordinator with Professor Andreassen.

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