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Convenor: Professor David S. Bell
Treasurer: Dr David Seawright

University of Leeds     

Tel: 0113 343 6898

Political Leadership Specialist Group

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Aims and Objectives

The Political Leadership Specialist Group aims to:

  1. To provide a constructive critique and application of current theories of political leadership.
  2. Develop concepts and models of political leadership.
  3. Bring to bear interdisciplinary insights into political leadership.
  4. Evaluate the recent theories of leadership as developed by researchers (mainly United States) and test these in European circumstances.
  5. Use case studies to explore the nature of political leadership in circumstances of opposition and government as well as in coalition building and party leadership. (In such areas of study we would hope to apply for panel(s) at the Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (EPOP) specialist group conferences).
  6. Seek to build a more solid understanding of political leadership in Western liberal democracies through hypothesis testing and model building.
  7. To bring the ideas of about political leadership and its evaluation into the mainstream of the political and social sciences in Britain and Europe.
  8. To apply the lessons of political leadership studies to individual cases and to promote the understanding of the techniques involved in political leadership in different European contexts.
  9. To contribute to the academic, political and public debate about political leadership.

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