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Treasurer: Dr David Seawright

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Political Leadership Specialist Group

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Aims and objectives

Political Leadership Specialist Group - Agenda

The intention of the group is to open up the exploration western political leadership from the viewpoint of the discipline in its many aspects, practical and moral, and to disseminate this material.

We are interested in comparable western systems because these have an approximate equivalence and they face similar problems of governance (we have excluded dictatorship and military governments which are specialist areas in themselves).

We should emphasise that we are interested in political leadership both in theoretical terms and in a wide range of political contexts – political parties, national governments, supranational bodies, sub-national and regional bodies, comparative studies etc.

We will include administrative/bureaucratic leadership and the initial group includes members who have written on leadership in Whitehall.

In addition we are interested in contemporary studies and historical angles but we would like to bridge the gap between the popular views of politics (very leadership oriented) and academic studies (which emphasise the long-term and impersonal).

Join us

We have a broad-ranging academic agenda and we are open to, and would welcome, members from a wide range of backgrounds and specialisms including, given the nature of leadership studies, interdisciplinary contributions.

There are members from four countries and we are actively seeking new members from the UK and elsewhere.

This is the first publication of the details of the group. New members are invited to contact us via email (there is no subscription).

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