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Centre for British Government

About us

The Centre for British Government was formed within the School of Politics and International Studies in 1999. The Centre's Director is Professor Kevin Theakston, and its deputy director is Dr David Seawright.

The Centre provides a focus for School of Politics and International Studies staff working and researching British government.

  • Kevin Theakston is a notable authority on prime ministers, central government, Whitehall and the Civil Service, and also writes about Winston Churchill.
  • David Seawright is an expert on the Conservative Party, Scottish politics, political parties and psephology, and MPs' attitudes towards Europe. 
  • Tim Heppell’s research  interests are in British party politics, leadership selection and political leadership.
  • Stuart McAnulla is interested in ideational and institutional change under the Cameron, Blair and Brown Governments; leadership failure; 'third way' politics under Blair and Cameron; and the role of tradition in the context of 'modernisation'.
  • Victoria Honeyman is working on British Foreign Policy during the twentieth century, the international policy of David Cameron and the Labour Party’s attitude to the EU.
  • Judi Atkins works on the interface between Political Theory and British Politics, with a particular focus on the relationship between rhetoric, ideology and the performance of leadership.

Recent events

  •  Leaders of the Opposition since 1945 – a conference held in July 2010. 
    • See: Tim Heppell (ed) Leaders of the Opposition: from Churchill to Cameron [Palgrave 2012]
  • Cameron and the Conservatives – a conference held in April 2011.
    • See: Tim Heppell and David Seawright (eds) Cameron and the Conservatives: The Transition to Coalition Government [Palgrave 2012]
  • How Labour Governments Fall: from Ramsay MacDonald to Gordon Brown – a workshop held in December 2011
  • British Foreign Policy Before and After Iraq – seminar series held jointly with the Centre for International Security 2011-12.

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