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Reconvening the English School of International Relations Theory

This website is part of a movement started by Barry Buzan, Richard Little and Ole Wæver early in 1999, to reconvene the English School (ES) of International Relations Theory.

The idea is to strengthen the ties within the existing ES community, and to build new ties to related areas of work in other disciplines and areas, particularly World History, International Law, International Political Economy, European Union studies and Historical Sociology.

The aim is to develop a set of ES research priorities and to create a clearer division of labour within the community and between it and other communities. In part, this is about recovering some of the working methods of the British Committee, albeit adapting them to the reality that the ES is now larger, more international, and more diverse than at any time in the past.

What's New?

The English School web pages are kindly hosted and supported by the School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds, UK.

The English school website is now live at www.englishschoolir.info


Further Information


International Studies Association (ISA)

The International Studies Association's annual convention is a major international scholarly event, including over 800 panel sessions and involving participants from more than fifty countries. Their international conventions and conferences are held at alternative sites in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and overseas.

ISA also co-sponsors international conferences with our cooperating organizations around the world.

British International Studies Association (BISA)

The British International Studies Association is an independent academic organisation which promotes the study of International Relations and related subjects through teaching, research and the facilitation of contact between scholars. It is the professional organisation for academic and practitioners of International Relations in the United Kingdom.

Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR)

The European Standing Group on International Relations is a European ECPR broad-based Standing Group where IR specialists from different sectors of activity - universities, independent research institutes and public administration - are brought together to promote scholarly activities.


The Diplomacy working group is interested in all aspects of diplomacy understood as an institution of international society. It investigates how specific international societies may give rise to characteristic forms of diplomatic practice as well as how diplomacy, viewed as a social practice, contributes, or might contribute, to the production, reproduction and transformation of international societies.

Convenors: Paul Sharp, Iver B. Neumann and Geoffrey Wiseman

Read more about the Diplomacy Working Group

English School and the European Union

The purpose of the working group is to explore how English School concepts can be used to fruitfully analyse the three major areas in European Studies: the EU's system of supranational governance, its enlargement, and its international role.

Convenors: Thomas Diez, Richard Whitman and Ian Manners

Read more about the English School and European Union Working Group


The Theory Working Group aims to develop the theoretical aspects of the English School. This is a broad agenda and the working group is interested in contributions that address all aspects of English School theory.

Convenors: Charles Jones, Richard Little and John Williams

Read more about the Theory Working Group

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