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International Relations and Security

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Research into International Relations and Security at the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) embraces normative approaches to understand contemporary security challenges, and explores such specialised themes as 'energy security', global politics  and the environment,  nuclear proliferation and strategy, British and US foreign policy, terrorism and torture, urban insurgency, security governance in fragile states, post-Cold War conceptions of international society and liberal conceptions of political violence.

Many of these research  themes also inform the study of particular regions which include area specialisations in the politics and security of the UK and Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East and East Asia.

This praxis between the conceptual and empirical underpins an interdisciplinary approach towards the study of International Relations in POLIS and in turn, informs how we can best understand and interpret the  threats and opportunities posed by the process of globalisation in an ever changing Global security environment.

Study with us

Within this area of research, we provide intellectual support and research-led taught postgraduate programmes in international studies, European studies, strategic studies, terrorism and security, and conflict, development and security.

Our MA courses are innovative, both responsive and reflective of contemporary diplomatic and security concerns.

We have over twenty-five active postgraduate researchers in this area, including holders of ESRC awards, and internationally-renowned academics that undertake first-class research.

Research Programme: The Politics of Energy Security

An original and comprehensive approach to an understanding of 'energy security' and how it impacts on the political relations within, between and across states by exploring the linkages between the evolving discourses on energy security, climate change and geopolitics.

Roundtable Panel Discussion: Palestine and Israel amid the ‘Arab Awakening’

By Professor James Piscatori, Professor Beverley Milton-Edwards and Dr Alan Craig.

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