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Case Study: POLIS in Turkey

From February 2006 until March 2008 the British Embassy in Turkey's flag project was to raise awareness of the EU's Lisbon Agenda and promote coordination amongst donor organisations. 

This project was designed and implemented by POLIS' Dr Charlie Dannreuther with TEPAV, the Turkish equivalent to Chatham House. In practical terms this involved designing and implementing a project that would train over 700 key policy makers and stakeholders from across the Turkish state on the methods and policy of the Lisbon Agenda. Turkey is experiencing dramatic political, economic and social change at present and the active engagement of civil society groups was a key part of the training.

The project involved people at all levels from current and ex-Ministers, to regional Governors (including the Deputy Governor of Istanbul) to representatives of women's groups and the international community, including UNDP and the EU. As a consequence of the project over twenty new projects have been linked to the EU's reform agenda.

We worked with the Cabinet Office and the Treasury to bring key UK policy officials from DWP & DIUS to share their experiences of the Lisbon process. Representatives from the TUC, the Royal Society, the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA) and the University of Leeds EKT office all generously donated their time. As a Foreign Office priority, Turkey is second only to the USA and the size and success of the project made it an important contribution to the UK's foreign policy goal of Turkish Accession.

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