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School of Politics and International Studies

Media contacts

Many POLIS staff have international media profiles and are available for comment and expert analysis.

If you require a Politics, International or Development expert, contact the University of Leeds Press Office on 0113 343 4031 or email the press office.

Consultancy Contact

For further information about our consultancy services, please email Dr Michael Denison or call 0113 343 6844.

Consultancy: sharing our knowledge and expertise

The research expertise of staff within POLIS is recognised internationally. We seek to share this as widely as possible with external groups by offering services in the areas of applied research, consultancy, advice, training, workshops and specially-designed courses, in the UK and worldwide.

We have longstanding experience of undertaking substantive consultancy projects for government, commerce and NGOs, and some staff members act as independent country experts in immigration appeal tribunal cases.

Political risk analysis, policy advice and commissioned reports

It is imperative that organisations acting globally are able to make sense of the forces shaping local political, security and investment environments.

The regional and sectoral expertise of the School of Politics and International Studies staff, based on deep in-country experience, can provide solutions that help clients assess, evaluate and overcome risks that affect their operations.

Our school has worked with a range of public sector, NGO and business clients to provide analysis of government policy trajectories, political stability trends, elite players, cartels and official corruption, (infra)structural deficits, environmental and security issues, and the evolving regulatory environment.

Our regional expertise covers frontier markets in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and the former Soviet Union as well as thematic issues. We can offer policy advice in development practice, education, policing, citizenship and civil emergency planning.

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