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Tim Page

PhD student: Redefining state roles and identities amongst post-cold war security | 2006 - 2010

Photo of Tim Page

I have been studying at POLIS for nearly six years. I completed my B.A. and MA here, and I am currently working towards a PhD in the department.

After studying for a joint honours BA, where half my work was in the department of Russian and Slavonic Studies and the other in POLIS, I decided to enrol for an MA in International Studies. I chose to stay on in Leeds and remain in POLIS after the BA because other departments and other universities were unable to offer the same expertise as that found in POLIS.

The department has leading international experts in every conceivable area of politics, from domestic and international political theory and international security, to internationally renowned specialists on British, US, Middle Eastern, East Asian, African, West and East European, Central Asian and Russian politics. The nature of the expertise in the department - with established political theorists and country specialists - makes research at POLIS much more interdisciplinary and broader in scope than is arguably the case at many other universities. I think this is a big plus point when studying at postgraduate level because, whether during the MA or PhD, your work really benefits from this expertise and the application of political theory to practice and vice versa.

The fact that students come from all over the world to study here adds to the excellent research and study environment in POLIS and it's great to have had the opportunity to meet people from all kinds of backgrounds and from so many different countries.

POLIS and the University of Leeds also have incredible resources for research and study, including access to modern I.T. equipment for all students and the Brotherton and Edward Boyle libraries, which are among the best academic libraries in the country. I have always found POLIS to be an extremely friendly department, the academic and support staff make you feel really welcome and they are always very helpful when answering enquiries.

Finally, Leeds is a brilliant city to live in and has something to offer everyone, from shopping, nightlife, and history to beautiful countryside less than 20 minutes away from the city centre. I could have chosen other universities and other departments to study in, but, overall, I'm very glad that I didn’t because Leeds has everything that I could possibly want and more...

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