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Simon Manda

MA Global Development | 2010 - 2011

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I graduated from the University of Zambia in 2008. After which,  I joined the University as a Teaching Assistant.

Why I chose POLIS
I decided to come to POLIS because the MA Global Development fits very well into my work, and my personal aspirations. I have always wanted to become an expert, researcher, and Lecturer in development related issues. The course had everything I wanted.  Having done Development Studies at undergraduate level, the course offered me a very flexible transition.  

The course
I have a passion for this area of study. I am a product of an underdeveloped society. I have been there and I have lived the experience. Having had a rare chance to go to University, I feel I have a duty to be part of that combined effort aiming at giving a decent life to the marginalised poor. The practicality of the issues discussed in this course provides a fertile ground for me to achieve my personal and professional aspirations.

The greatest thing about the course is that it balances the theoretical arguments and the practical experiences of development. I very much enjoyed the Food Security module. I now have a thorough understanding of how food systems operate, and what can stress them to cause people’s entitlement failures. I look forward to learning more about rural development in the coming term.

The learning facilities are just fantastic. I have support everywhere. I can access a computer at almost all points of the University, the library staff are always supportive and willing to help and most importantly, the Library skills training workshops have given me new skills I have not previously thought of, such as critical thinking.

Before coming to study here, I thought Leeds was a very small city, I was amazed to see such a beautiful city, full of activities that are keeping me very busy!

The most surprising thing was to see a university with so many different people from all over the world. I think every country in the world is represented here. It’s just amazing to see, and understand other people’s way of life.

Outside of study
At Leeds there is always something for everyone to do.  I like playing football, go singing with my friends, and visiting places both within Leeds and outside. I have formed up a football team with my friends, and have joined the league. We are currently on top of the table, and I hope we maintain that!

My aspirations
Once I’ve finished my course, I intend to return to Zambia to teach, research, and do community services. It’s also possible I’ll come back to Leeds to do a PhD.

For those interested in the changing dynamics of the development paradigm and the starting point for development critical thinking then the MA Global Development at Leeds has everything.  If you came to study here - you would immediately know you were in the right place!

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