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Sidig Eltoum

MA Development Studies (Global Development) | 2009 - 2010

Photo of Sidig Eltoum

My passion for development
My passion for development is well grounded in my work experience and academic background.  Applying for an MA course at the internationally recognised University of Leeds was a result of consultation with many experts and co-workers in the field of international development.

I am currently working as a consultant engaged in several developmental projects in the rapid changing geopolitical landscape of Sudan.

My experience at Leeds
Everything about the University of Leeds is special and unique. The facilities are excellent and very conducive to learning, the state of the art library is up to date and adequately synchronized with the course materials and recommended readings, and it has all you need, whether it is equipment or a quite studying space.

As well as the lovely, welcoming and supportive library staff, there is also a wide range of training opportunities available to enhance your study skills.

POLIS has an amazing team, from their brilliant teaching methods to the willingness to help and provide useful and thoughtful guidance in a friendly way. This I feel, makes them incomparable.

The course
The MA course is well designed and the modules are carefully outlined to equip you with the knowledge and techniques needed for global development. Most importantly, POLIS is well experienced in delivering the necessary qualifications to those who want to embark on a career of sustained development work.

The course has helped me in formulating an understanding and analysis of the impact of emerging global and developmental issues. This knowledge has been pivotal in aiding my planning and project management.  My research skills, and the ability to analyse contemporary information, as well as developing the skill to interpret local issues within a global perspective has grown tremendously.

Soon after completion of the course I returned to my country Sudan, where I undertook consultancies serving different organisations, including National NGOs, INGO as well as the UN agency.

From the first visit to the museums in Leeds you can see that, Leeds is rich in culture and heritage, the centre is great for shopping and it makes for an astonishing nightlife. It’s a vibrant city with lots of lovely details. You can’t spare scenes for the next photo in your camera. Experiencing Leeds is very special; if you live it you will love it

My time here has been exceptional and I would advise anyone who is thinking of applying here to go for it!

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