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Ruyi Dai

Politics Erasmus |

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I am originally from China but I am studying for my Bachelor degree in Sweden. I study BA Politics (Erasmus). I am passionate about studying Politics because I find it so interesting.

I am studying abroad because it is part of my programme, however I also wanted to have a different experience during my studies. My University (Halmstad University) has an exchange agreement with the University of Leeds, I'll be here for one semester.

Whilst here, I will be studying parts of the BA Politics course here in the School of Politics and International Studies.

One of the things that I'm most enjoying about my time here is all the activities organised by LUU (Students' Union).

I'm learning a good command of English whilst here, which I think is so important.

I would recommend studying abroad at the University of Leeds, it's different experience and a good university.

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