Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

School of Politics and International Studies

Luke Downham

BA Politics | 2012-2016

Photo of Luke Downham

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Before coming to Leeds, I grew up in South London and also Somerset for a bit.

What motivated you to apply to study your chosen course and why did
you chose Leeds?

I was a keen sportsman and also deeply interested in politics so I decided to apply for what looked like a great course at Leeds, knowing that sports was also good at the University. Leeds is also a fantastic city, brimming with students and stuff to do.

What do you think of your course, have there been any particular
highlights for you?

Having the ability to do an Erasmus year in Copenhagen was a real highlight. The POLIS department supported me fully and I learnt a lot more as a result. The course at Leeds has been fantastic and there are a wide range of modules and areas of interest. My dissertation is focussing on Multiculturalism and the quality of the supervision is second to none.

How would you describe the help and guidance provided by the staff
within the School?

Academic staff members are incredibly knowledgable. Leeds, as a research intensive university, prides itself on teaching research-informed material. The tutors are also fantastic in guiding students through assessments, with extra office hours and assessment workshops enabling students to really develop their arguments.

How would you describe the facilities at the University?

Excellent. The campus is an eclectic mix of Brutalist and neo-Gothic, with modern teaching spaces complementing the architecture. The sports centre, The Edge, is state of the art and there are a number of libraries containing every resource one could want.

Have you had the opportunity to study abroad, or complete a year in
industry? If so, please tell us about your experience.

I did an Erasmus year in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen. Simply incredible. Leeds supported me all the way through my application and the teaching in Denmark was of a high standard too. There were more than twenty European nationalities on my course there, and the ability to interact with other cultures has left a lasting impression upon me. Go abroad if you have the chance!

Have you been involved in extra-curricular activities, such as societies,
summer placements etc?

I was Vice-Chair of the Labour Society in my second year, played Rugby and Athletics and was also a member of POLIS Soc. I am currently leading the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign on campus and co-ordinate campaign activity in Leeds. Get stuck in!

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