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Kator Abaagu

MA Global Development | 2010 - 2011

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About me

I hail from Benue State in Nigeria, but have spent the most part of my life in Lagos. I obtained my first degree, a BSc in International Relations, from Covenant University in 2007. In 2009, I attended the Nigerian French Language Village, Badagry, wherein I acquired the French language. Currently, I am studying the MA Global Development and Political Economy of International Resources here in POLIS.

Why I chose POLIS

I tell friends: “let the course choose the school and let the tuition confirm it”. After skimming through countless prospectuses and searching for courses online, with the aid of an agent, I came across MA Global Development and Political Economy of International Resources; it was “tailor made” for me.

My passion for Global Development

I am naturally a people-oriented person who has always wanted to study something that relates to socio-economic development and empowerment of people and communities. The “mystery” behind rich lands and poor people and how that is linked to international relations is of great interest to me.

My country Nigeria, like most African countries, is blessed with an enormous quantity and variety of mineral resources; how come here people are easily counted against the impoverished? Why has the wealth of the land not translated to benefit its own people? Studying these questions in a bid to genuinely get answers enlightens me and fills me with hope of knowing how best to engender positive change.

My experience so far…

Education in Leeds is an eye-opener. I never knew formal education could be so interesting. I look forward to every lecture I have. I appreciate the intellectual exchange that the course provokes, and the way the lectures are competently handled with each lecturer having a different approach to enhance student participation.

I have not met too many indigenes of Leeds but, as a city, it has an impressive multicultural blend ranging from Germans, Chinese, Swedes, Nigerians, Vietnamese, Italians, Arabians etc. The transport system is great and the location of shops and restaurants is good. Leeds is a city one can easily adapt in. The most impressive aspect to me is the maintenance culture and the multicultural presence.

Coming from Covenant University which is one of the best in Nigeria as regards to learning facilities, the learning facilities available in the University of Leeds are most remarkable. The VLE (virtual learning Environment), the cluster rooms, the different pieces of equipment available in the different ibraries, make the learning experience worth it.

Getting involved

There are a lot of activities outside the regular school work, such as Art Exhibitions, The International Cultural Club, the Gymnasium, The Nigerian Society and LUCAS (Leeds University Centre for African Studies). I regularly attend the International Cultural Club and LUCAS meetings.

I love to meet people, understand their cultural backgrounds and thought patterns, and engage in stimulating and productive conversations…like analysing English Premier League matches!

My aspirations

Once I’ve finished my course, I think it will be a good idea to get some work experience in a related field -- even if it is just for a few months. Still, there is no place like home. I look forward to returning to my country to work with, most preferably, either the United Nations or The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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