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School of Politics and International Studies

Josh Saxby

BA Political Studies | 2008 - 2011

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About me
I went to school and grew up in North London. I absolutely love London and wouldn’t wish to live anywhere else (except for being in Leeds of course!). I took a gap year between school and university, I worked at HMV in Oxford Street and travelled around Africa for 4 months, two, of which were spent teaching in a rural Ugandan Secondary School. Up until June this year I managed my local pub during the holidays, which has its many advantages…lock ins included!

Why I chose Politics and Leeds
Politics is a subject that never has one definitive answer. This really appeals to me as I like to see both sides of an argument or theory and settle on which one makes the most sense to me. The fluidity and ever changing nature of the subject in academia and current affairs always keeps things interesting. There is never a dull moment!

I chose Leeds firstly, for the breadth and flexibility of the Politics course and secondly as I was extremely impressed by the campus, in particular the Students’ Union.

The facilities we have here at Leeds are next to none - they really are some of the best I have experienced!

My experience
I am now in my final year which is really daunting, not just because of work but also because its all gone so quickly! I have really enjoyed being able to choose from a wide area of subjects throughout my course, which has enabled me to focus on my interests: these being IR and systems of government. We are very lucky in POLIS to have such a wide area of academia to choose from.

During my first year I was at Bodington Hall. I was elected Vice-President of Bodington and managed a budget of £60,000. This is great experience for any student who has the desire to learn about managing budgets, meeting targets, organising events and driving a hard bargain with contractors. You can also get a great deal of experience in student representation, delegation, management and meeting skills.

I am also the POLIS School Rep so I sit on the University Senate, the highest academic decision making body in the University and work very closely with the Dean of ESSL, Pro-Dean of Leaning and Teaching and the POLIS Director of Learning and Teaching. I have a real say in the academic process within the University and it gives me a voice at the highest level to make sure all students views are heard.

Of course, if these aren’t for you the Union has many opportunities for students and caters for a wide variety of interests. I would really advise making the most of it.

I was brought up in London, so for me, it has been really nice to be able to experience a different city. Particularly one as vibrant and student orientated as Leeds. Its much cheaper as well, £20 goes much further here! This is especially helpful on nights out!

Outside of studying, TV takes up a lot of my life when I’m not working. I am a huge Formula 1 fan (an acquired taste!) and I watch a lot of rugby and cricket.

To anyone thinking of applying to POLIS, I’d say you’ll be making a very good choice!

It’s important to make the most of your time at University. By getting involved in your School, halls, becoming a member of a society or a sports club…there is more to University than getting a degree.

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