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I went on my study abroad year to the University of South Carolina, home of the Gamecocks (the university mascot). I have to say the highlights of my year were the many ‘first’ experiences I had, from USC, having so many friends from all over the world to travelling all across America. The football games were an amazing all American experience from tailgating before to the electric atmosphere in the stadium filled with 85,000 gamecock fans, to fighter jets flying over to commemorate the war veterans. 

My favourite sport to watch was the fast paced basketball games, understanding slightly more about the rules I enjoyed the season thoroughly, even more so after we beat the number one team - the Wildcats.

I was lucky enough to stay on the CGC (Carolina Global Community) which was on campus. I lived on a corridor filled with international and American students, many of which I went travelling with and still keep in touch with.

Being a 3rd year Politics student I encountered such parallels of education, from the English to American system, while studying there I chose a selection of 3rd and 4th year classes ranging from Politics and Government of  Africa to National Security Policies of the United States.

Instead of having a lecture and seminar system, each class lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes with at least two or even three classes a week. There was always some kind of assessment throughout my five classes per semester from mandatory participation to pop quizzes.

That did not stop me from travelling during the weekends on road trips to Charleston, Atlanta, Savannah, Fort Lauderdale and many more.  For the ‘all American’ holiday, Spring Break, we went on an amazing Caribbean cruise. I also spent an incredible month travelling around America in the summer, covering ten states, from hiking in the Grand Canyon to sitting in the gallery of the House of Representatives in Washington D.C.

Without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend everyone who has the opportunity to study abroad to grab the chance with both hands. The experiences, friends and knowledge I gained from being out of my comfort zone were irreplaceable; I learnt so much more about everything and most importantly myself.

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