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School of Politics and International Studies

Ioana Ene

BA International Relations | 2014-17

Photo of Ioana Ene

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. I went to one of the best high schools in Romania where I learned history and politics which I really enjoyed. I was in a bilingual English-Romanian class. I had good grades when I finished high school so I had the opportunity to choose where I wanted to study and the UK came as a natural decision.

What motivated you to apply to study your chosen course and why did you chose Leeds?

Since high school I loved to study history and I was fascinated by how states interact with one another and why conflicts arise. I didn’t know that I could study International Relations until I went to a university fair in Bucharest and I was hooked. It gave me the opportunity to learn how and why wars happened and contribute in the future to peacekeeping operations and development of the world. I wanted to study in the UK because of the many top universities which are spread all over the country. Leeds came as a natural choice after looking through many programs offered by different universities across the country.

What do you think of your course? Have there been any particular highlights for you?

I have enjoyed my course since my first lecture. I was especially impressed by how open the teachers are and by how, even though they are all specialists in their fields, they take their time and guide us through the learning process. Also, I really enjoy the opportunity to choose most of my modules and to make my own schedule.

How would you describe the help and guidance provided by the staff within the School?

The university staff did their best to guide and help me accommodate to my new life away from home. From the start, my personal tutor helped me and told me everything I needed to know. Later on, the people at the careers centre helped me with choosing my internships and writing my CV. We can ask for guidance at any step along the way and there is a wonderful team of people ready to help.

How would you describe the facilities at the University?

The new library has many modern facilities starting from the computers and printers to the new arranged study spaces with the most comfortable chairs ever! A great space to catch up with your work. Also, all the teaching spaces have modern equipment which makes the job easier for both the students and the professors.

How have you found your time as a Leeds Loves Ambassador?

I have loved my time as a Leeds Loves Ambassador. I had the opportunity to meet new people and make more friends. Also, it enhances many of the skills that I will definitely need in the future, such as speaking in public, making and delivering presentations and working efficiently under pressure. 

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