Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

School of Politics and International Studies

Habila Makanumeso Istifanus

MA International Studies | 2008 - 2009

Photo of Habila Makanumeso Istifanus

I chose to study at POLIS as the course fits very well with my ambition. The course most attracted me because it covers many different international issues and provides the experience of interacting with people from different diverse backgrounds.

The facilities at Leeds are excellent, in fact Leeds is an enabling environment for learning. Almost everything is efficient and supportive. At Leeds there is also promptness and time management and the study equipment here meets all my needs. Materials for study/lectures are also most adequate and organised.

To people thinking of applying to study at Leeds I would say please do not give up even though the application process may be difficult at times in terms of visas etc. If you do not go to Leeds University you will not know what you are missing!

At first I found it difficult to adapt to living in Leeds as it is so different from my home in Nigeria, but it is very enjoyable now.

In my spare time I get to the library to read books as much as possible. Once I graduate I am planning to lobby for a diplomatic assignment.

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