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School of Politics and International Studies

Grace Wright

MA Politics and Parliamentary Studies | 2010 - 2011

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About me
I completed my undergraduate degree in the School of English at Leeds, and then followed that straight on with a Masters in POLIS.

After the Masters, I started working in the House of Commons as a Parliamentary Assistant to a Shadow Minister. I’m also hoping to keep my academic brain in use by writing articles for some think-tank publications.

My motivation to study at Leeds
I chose Leeds because I think it has the best of all worlds – it’s highly respected academically, it’s got a proper student campus to experience uni life on, but it’s also bang in the middle of a vibrant city.
I chose the course because following my undergraduate degree, I wanted to specialise in something that I was interested in doing as a career.

I chose to stay on at Leeds because I loved the city, knew from experience that the teaching was high quality, and wanted to take advantage of the internship opportunity that the MA offered.

My experience
I loved studying and living in Leeds enough to prolong the whole experience by doing a second degree. I think that’s probably the best review I can give!

I really enjoyed the MA in Politics and Parliamentary. I think the best thing about it was probably how varied the experience was – it includes academic modules, which push your critical thinking and research skills, but also offers the internship.

The staff were great – they were encouraging, obviously interested in what we were working on, and incredibly generous with their time.

I left the course feeling far more confident in my academic ability, but also with months of experience of working in the Commons, which made me far more employable.

To anyone thinking of applying to this programme, I’d say, it’s really hard work, be prepared to read more than you have ever read before, but I don’t think you could find a better start for going into this area of work.

Since graduation
I’m now working as a Parliamentary Assistant to a Shadow Minister in the Commons. It’s my ideal first full-time job, and my earning it was directly related to the experience the course offered; I was asked to stay on full-time following my internship.

Leeds life
I’m biased obviously, but I think Leeds has one of the nicest student unions of any university I’ve visited. There’s also brand new gym, and one of the most famous libraries in the country.  As for Leeds, it’s the ideal student city - I miss it.

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