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Georgiana Epure

BA International Relations | 2013 - 2016

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About Me

I am from Sibiu, a beautiful, lively city in Romania. Thanks to my involvement in national students’ projects as a volunteer, I was elected Secretary of the Communication and Education Department of the Students’ National Council. This experience offered me the opportunity to participate in the decision forums of the Romanian Educational System.

Why I decided to study International Relations at Leeds

The experience I had as a member of the Students’ National Council from Romania made me realize that I had a strong desire to follow undergraduate studies in this area of expertise, as a first step towards my future career. I was very keen to write and implement projects that would contribute to the development of my community.

I have big dreams, and I am very optimistic - one and a half years ago, I would have never thought that I would be studying at such a prestigious university in the UK.

My Course

I love my course and enjoy all my modules; they are very diverse and give students the chance to study political philosophy, political theories, neo-colonialism, human rights, terrorism, political economy, global development challenges and so on, so that later we can choose a specific area to focus on.

My favourite module is Global Development Challenges. We learn about international development issues such as lack of health care and education, labour, land, poverty and gender inequality. The thing that I find most interesting is that we also think about policy recommendations, so it’s not all about learning about these problems, but also thinking about what we can do in order to make steps towards resolving them.

Another aspect that I love about my course is that it allows us to shape our degree according to our own interests. We have the chance to choose almost half of our modules. For example, I had the chance to study German as an elective module.

The facilities

The library has become my favourite place on campus. There are so many resources to access and these are not limited to books. As a University of Leeds student, I have access to a wide range of journal articles and a special collection of rare books and manuscripts. Also, the IT facilities are very helpful.

Student Support

Every professor and tutor is very devoted and passionate about their subject. They are always eager to help and their office doors are always open for us should we need academic support.

Also, the student support service is very well organized. They answered every question that I had regarding financial support, studying abroad and accommodation, which really gave me confidence, in the first two months when I arrived here.

Extra-curricular activities

Leeds University Union is a place that I thought could only exist in movies! It is absolutely fabulous how vivid and dynamic it is and offers a wide range of relaxing extracurricular activities.

I enjoyed the World Unite Festival which gave me the opportunity to know more about other cultures and even learn some words in other foreign languages.  I have also joined the Model United Nations society; a funny, smart group of students with whom I share the same interests. There are also movie nights and concerts organized by the LUU, which I find perfect for a fun, relaxing evening with friends. I am also looking forward to going on the LUU trip to another city in England.

Life in Leeds

Leeds is twice bigger than my hometown. It has plenty of places to have fun and relax - It’s impossible to get bored here. I also like the fact that there are so many people from different countries, with different cultures.

My Advice

Go for it! BA International Relations is such a diverse and interesting course and opens so many career paths!

After Graduation

After finishing my undergraduate studies I would like to undertake a postgraduate course in the UK or another European country. Concerning my career aspirations, I dream that one day I’ll be a member of a UN or EU agency, or work in an international NGO that will allow me to contribute to policy-making or community development, as a direct result of the knowledge I have acquired through my studies.

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