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Danguole Kleinaityte

BA International Development with International Relations | 2008 - 2011

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About Me

I am from Lithuania. After school I went to university in my hometown to study architecture but soon realised it was not for me. Spontaneously I went to volunteer in Mozambique, Albania and India until I realised that my passion was in making positive changes around the world. I wanted to pursue a career in international development and decided to do a degree in that field. There were no such courses in Lithuania, so I looked for courses abroad. I decided to come to the UK because it has good universities and I spoke English.

My Experience

I chose Leeds because my study programme had a great structure and my friends recommended it to me. It helped me gain a broad understanding of international development and international relations related issues, and because that is the area I wanted to work in, it gave me a boost of confidence.

I truly enjoyed my time at university. I met some very inspirational people and grew immensely.

Facilities and Student Support

I think that the University has great libraries and sports facilities. The staff at POLIS were always helpful, attentive and well qualified.

Leeds as a city

Leeds is a perfect size city that can offer all a student might need or want. It is easy to get around Leeds and there are several great places to visit, including Hyde Park, The Royal Armouries Museum and Leeds Art Gallery.

Since Graduation

After graduating I moved to London. I did an Internship with an international children’s charity and afterwards started working with homeless people.

I think that at university I have gained not only knowledge but also a good foundation of skills that are easily transferable to various work roles, for instance teamwork, research skills, using my initiative and managing a busy work load.

My current role

Currently I am working at the homeless hostel as a Support Worker and doing a development scheme to progress further within the organisation.

In the future I would like to do a Masters’ degree and after gaining enough experience, start my own charity.

My advice for current students

Use your time at university to gain as much experience as possible.  When you finish university your initiative and activities besides your studies will make you stand out.

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