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Adanna Ifeoma Egwuatu

MA Global Development and Africa | 2010 - 2011

Photo of Adanna Ifeoma Egwuatu

I am currently studying MA Global Development and Africa here in POLIS. I studied sociology as my first degree at the University of Abuja in Nigeria and I have also worked as a Leadership Consultant with Guardian of the Nation International (GOTNI) also based in Nigeria.

My passion for development
My passion to add value to people got me interested in this course. I felt this course had just about everything I needed to enhance my prospects.

Nigeria is currently undergoing a lot of political, social and economic changes and I would love to make a positive contribution to Nigeria both on a local and international level.  I chose Global Development and Africa to get myself equipped for future responsibilities with regards to development in my country.

I believe in Africa and Africans in general and believe there is a way out for Africa from the global economic disaster currently affecting the continent.  I intend to be one of those who will help offer solutions. I have a desire to learn more and get equipped to help bring about positive change.

If you are just as passionate as I am to add value to lives and bring about positive change globally, this course will help enhance your skills and bring out the best in you.

The course so far
I have enjoyed every aspect of my course so far, particulary the module Development Theories, Strategies and Issues has been great. It has been helpful getting to know how global financial institutions operate in the developmental process of Africa and also how the global political economy has been structured.

I have also enjoyed Democratisation and Multi-Party Politics which has helped me understand why democracy may never be consolidated in Africa, the nature of African politics and alternatives to it. Within a very short period, I have increased my understanding and I am really excited to learn more.

The facilities here are good.  The teaching rooms are very conducive to learning and are well equipped. There are lots of available resources in the library too, especially the Brotherton library. The libraries are well stocked and it is easy to find just about any literature you might want.

Living in Leeds
Leeds is a lively city and the people here are friendly and helpful. There are lots of activities here that make it so interesting. I also love the fact that the University is so close to the city centre.

The weather here has been surprising, I find it quite unusual as it is so irregular. Nevertheless, I think it is fun because it has something new for you every day!

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