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Dr Adam Tyson

Lecturer in Southeast Asian Politics

I am concerned with processes of political reform and contestation in Indonesia and the wider Southeast Asian region. In addition, I am currently working to establish deeper academic links with China. Prior to joining Leeds in 2011 I worked in Indonesia, Malaysia and Canada.

Research Interests

Current interests include decentralisation policies, ethnic identity and minority politics, transmigration, censorship and social compliance, and vigilante violence in Southeast Asia.


I teach on the following modules:

  • Comparative Politics of Pacific Asia (level 2)
  • Politics of Contemporary China (level 2)
  • Political Transitions in Southeast Asia (MA)

PhD Supervision

I am able to supervise in the following areas:

  • Decentralisation and local politics
  • Ethnic struggles, identity and migration
  • Political violence
  • Censorship and rights

Research proposals on Indonesia and the Malay world are especially welcome, as well as from select countries in Pacific Asia (including China).

Key Publications

  • Tyson (2015) 'Genocide documentary as intervention' Journal of Genocide Research 17(2): 177-199.
  • Tyson (2014) 'Multiple acts of killing' Critical Asian Studies 46(1): 157-161.
  • Tyson (2013) 'Vigilantism and violence in decentralized Indonesia: the case of Lombok'. Critical Asian Studies 45(2): 201-230
  • Tyson (2011) 'Being special, becoming indigenous: dilemmas of special adat rights in Indonesia'. Asian Journal of Social Science 39(5): 652–673.
  • Tyson (2011) 'Malaysian migration to Singapore: pathways, mechanisms and status' Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies 48(2): 131-145
  • Tyson (2011) 'Titik api: Harry Roesli, music and politics in Bandung, Indonesia'. Indonesia 91(April): 1–34.
  • Tyson (2010) Decentralization and Adat Revivalism in Indonesia: The Politics of Becoming Indigenous. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Tyson (2009) 'Still striving for modesty: land, spirits, and rubber production in Kajang, Indonesia'. The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 10(3): 200–215.
  • Tyson (2007) 'Dissecting the attitudes of political science students towards democracy and the 2004 elections in Indonesia'. Asian Journal of Political Science 15(3): 259–281. [Co-authored with Paul Tyson].
  • Tyson (2006) 'The enduring appeal of NGOs'. The Jakarta Post, 16 January.
  • Tyson (2004) 'Complacency: Indonesia's democratic deficit'. The Jakarta Post, 26 May.

Media Contact Areas

  • Politics of Indonesia, Malaysia

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