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Dr David Seawright

Senior Lecturer in British Politics

I am a Senior Lecturer working in the field of British Politics with a focus on political parties and psephology. In March 2007, I was invited to contribute to the prestigious French 'agrégation programme' held at Université de Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle.

As a director of the MPP, I was lead researcher on the ESRC funded survey of Scottish and Welsh Parliamentarians' attitudes to European integration.

Research Interests

Presently, I am undertaking a British Academy funded study of One Nation Conservatism and also examining the Conservative party's approach to devolution policy. I also have research interests in how the issue of European integration impacts on British political parties and public opinion with a developing interest in political communication.


I teach at every academic level here at the University of Leeds with a first level module on ‘'British Politics', a second level module on 'Spin Doctors and Electioneering' and a third level module on 'British Political Parties'. I also teach on our MA British Politics and Parliamentary Studies programme.

PhD Supervision

I would be delighted to supervise research students who wish to examine topics and issues in the following areas.

  • Political parties
  • Electoral behaviour
  • Political communication

Key Publications

Chapters in Books
  • Seawright, D. (2005) "One Nation". In: Hickson, K (ed.) The Political Thought of the Conservative Party since 1945, Palgrave, pp.69-90.
  • Seawright, D. (2000) "A Confessional Cleavage Resurrected? The Denominational Vote in Britain". In: Broughton, D. and Napel, H.M.T. (eds.) Religion and Mass Electoral Behaviour in Europe, Routledge, pp.44-60.
  • Seawright, D. (2005) "On a Low Road: The 2005 Conservative Campaign". Journal of Marketing Management, 21(9-10), pp.943-958.

Media Contact Areas

  • British political parties
  • Electoral Behaviour in Britain
  • Political communication and electioneering in Britain.

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