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Mr Hugo Radice

Life Fellow

I graduated in Economics and Politics from the University of Cambridge in 1968, and took at MA in Economics at Warwick University in 1969.

Thereafter I taught and researched in economics and political economy, mainly on industrial economics, transnational corporations, Eastern Europe and Marxism.

I was appointed as a Lecturer in Industrial Economics at Leeds in 1978, working first in the School of Economic Studies and eventually in Leeds University Business School.

My areas of study also led me to participate in the interdisciplinary centres of Development Studies in the 1980s, and later European Studies and International Studies.

I joined POLIS in 1999 as Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy. I was Head of School from 2004 to 2007, and retired from my full-time post in August 2008. 

Research Interests

My main current areas of study are the 2008 global financial crisis and its consequences; long-term trends in UK, European and global capitalism; and the theory and practice of socialism. I have also recently published on the management and purpose of universities, and on UK macroeconomic policy. 

I contribute regularly to a number of progressive websites, including Red Pepper, New Left Project and Social Europe Journal, as well as occasional articles on economic issues for the Yorkshire Post. I have been active in the Conference of Socialist Economists since its foundation in 1970, and currently participate in the CSE's Transpennine Working Group.

Key Publications

Journal articles
  • Radice, H. (2015), ‘After the crisis: global capitalism and the critique of political economy’, Spectrum: Journal of Global Studies, vol.7 no.1, pp.32-40 (available at www.spectrumjournal.net).  
  • Radice, H. (2014), ‘Class theory and class politics today’, in Socialist Register 2015: Transforming Classes, London: Merlin Press, pp. 270-292.
  • Radice, H. (2014), 'Enforcing austerity in Europe: the structural deficit as a policy target', Journal of Contemporary European Studies vol.22 no.3, pp. 318-328.
  • Radice, H. (2014), 'Thatcherism and alternatives: what future for British capitalism?', Capital & Class vol.38 no.2, pp. 277-87 (written in 1985; first publication in English, as part of a special section on Thatcherism).
  • Radice, H. (2014), 'Transnational corporations and global capitalism: reflections on the last forty years', Critical Perspectives on International Business, vol.10 no.1/2, pp. 21-34.
  • Radice, H. (2013), 'How we got here: UK higher education under neoliberalism', ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, vol.12 no.3, pp.407-418. Available at http://www.acme-journal.org/vol12/Radice2013.pdf. [PDF: 102KB]
  • Radice, H. (2012), 'Marxism in Eastern Europe: from socialist dissidence to capitalist restoration', Socialist History, 42, pp. 43-59.
  • Radice, H. (2012), 'Plan B: A new Alternative Economic Strategy?', Capital & Class vol.36 no.2, pp.207-214.
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  • Radice, H. (2010), 'The idea of socialism: from 1968 to the present-day crisis', Antipode: a Radical Journal of Geography, vol.41 no.S1, pp.27-49.
  • Radice, H. (2010), 'Capital, class and crisis: the false dichotomy of market and state' (review article on A. Gamble, The Spectre at the Feast, Palgrave 2009), Capital & Class vol.34, no.1, pp.137-42.
  • Radice, H. (2009), 'Neoliberalism in crisis? Money and the state in contemporary capitalism', Spectrum: Journal of Global Studies, vol.1 no.2, pp.89-106.
Chapters in books
  • Radice, H. (2014), ‘Utopian socialism and Marx’s Capital: envisioning alternatives’, in L Pradella and T Marois (eds), Polarizing Development: Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis, Pluto Press, pp.131-141.
  • Radice, H. (2014), ‘The relevance of Warwick University Ltd today’, introduction to E P Thompson (ed), Warwick University Ltd: Industry, Management and the Universities, 2nd ed., Spokesman Books.
  • Radice, H. (2013), 'Gramsci and neo-Gramscianism: to what purpose?', ch.2 in A.J.Ayers (ed), Gramsci, Political Economy and International Relations Theory: Modern Princes and Naked Emperors, 2nd ed., Palgrave Macmillan, pp.53-73.
  • Radice, H. (2012), 'Transnational corporations', in B.Fine, A.Saad-Filho and M.Boffo (eds), The Elgar Companion to Marxist Economics, Edward Elgar, pp.354-9.
  • Radice, H. (2011), 'The prospects for socialism: a question of capital and class', in H.Veltmeyer (ed), 21st Century Socialism: Reinventing the Project, Fernwood / Merlin Press, pp.139-150. Also available at: The Prospects for Socialism: A Question of Capital and Class [PDF: 228KB]
  • Radice, H. (2009),'Halfway to paradise: Making sense of the semi-periphery', in O. Worth and P. Moore (eds), Globalization and the 'New' Semi-Peripheries, Palgrave Macmillan.
Commentary and analysis on current affairs

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  • The UK economy, including banking and finance
  • The future of the Eurozone
  • The politics of the world economy
  • Socialism in theory and practice

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