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Professor Duncan McCargo's Publications


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Journal articles

  • McCargo D, ‘New Media, New Partisanship: Divided Virtual Politics In and Beyond Thailand’, International Journal of Communication, ed. by Gross L, 11 (2017), 4138-4157
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/123682/

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  • McCargo D, ‘Duterte's Mediated Populism’, Contemporary Southeast Asia, 38.2 (2016), 185-190
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  • Alexander ST, McCargo D, ‘War of words: Isan redshirt activists and discourses of Thai democracy’, South East Asia Research, 24.2 (2016), 222-241
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  • McCargo D, ‘Transitional justice and its discontents’, Journal of Democracy, 26.2 (2015), 5-20
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