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Dr Stuart McAnulla

Associate Professor in Politics; POLIS Director of Student Education

Before coming to Leeds, I completed a PhD and taught at the University of Birmingham.

I also worked for a year as a researcher at the University of Central England, where I also taught a public policy course. My particular interests are in contemporary British politics and the role of philosophy, and social theory in political studies.

Research Interests

Key areas include:

  • The ideological direction of the UK politics following Brexit
  • Political leadership and rhetoric
  • The politics of secularism and the ‘New Atheism’

Other areas of interest include philosophies of social science, theories of power and leadership.


Module leader:

  • The End of British Politics?
  • Advanced Political Analysis

I am also part of the British politics team delivering British Politics.

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising doctoral research in the following areas.

  • Contemporary British politics – May, Cameron, Blair, Brown, Major and Thatcher governments
  • Politics, religion and secularism – State-religion relations, secularist movements; religion in the public square
  • Social science meta-theory – critical realism, theories of power, interpretive political analysis

Key Publications


Chapters in Books

  • Crines A. and McAnulla S.D. (2017) ‘The Rhetorical Personas of George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan’, Voices of the UK Left; Rhetoric, Ideology and the Performance of Politics, Palgrave
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2012) ‘Tony Blair, 1994-97’ in Heppell, T. Leaders of the Opposition: from Churchill to Cameron, Palgrave
  • McAnulla, S.D.(2012) ‘Liberal Conservatism: Ideological Coherence?’ in Heppell, T and Seawright, D. Cameron and the Conservatives: The Transition to CoalitionGovernment, Palgrave
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2011) ‘Stephen Lukes, Power: A Radical View’ in Theakston, K.  Volumes of Influence, Manchester: Manchester University Press
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2002) "Structure and Agency". In: David Marsh and Gerry Stoker (eds.) Theory and methods in political science, Palgrave Macmillan, pp.271-291.


  • McAnulla SD, Crines A, (2017) ‘The Rhetoric of Alex Salmond and the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum’, British Politics, 12 (4); 473-491
  • McAnulla SD (2016) ‘New Atheists on the Paris Attacks: Reactionaries or Progressive Iconolasts?', E-International Relations
  • McAnulla S. D. (2014) 'Secular Fundamentalists? Characterising the new atheist approach to secularism, religion and politics', British Politics, 9 (1), 124-125
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2014) ‘Atheist Fundamentalists? Characterising New Atheist Non-Belief'E-International Relations
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2014) ‘From David Hume to Sarah Palin? The troubled search for common features of political conservatism: a reply to Özsel, Global Discourse, DOI: 10.1080/23269995.2014.939902
  • McAnulla S.D. (2013) 'John Galt is a Heathen! The Inconvenient Atheism of Ayn Rand', TelosScope
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2012) ‘Radical Atheism and Religious Power: The Politics of New Atheism’ Approaching Religion2 (1)
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2011) ‘Post-Political Poisons? Evaluating the 'Toxic' Dimensions of Tony Blair's Leadership’, Representation47 (3), 251-263
  • McAnulla, S.D .(2010) ‘Forced Exits: Accounting for the Removal of Contemporary Party Leaders’, Political Quarterly, 81 (4), 593-601
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2010) ‘Heirs to Blair’s Third Way? David Cameron’s Triangulating Conservatism’, British Politics, 5 (3), 286-314
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2009) ‘Explaining the Forced Exit of Charles Kennedy: Pushing the Public-Private Boundary’, Politics, 29 (1) 37-44
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2007) "New Labour, Old Epistemology? Reflections on Political Science, New Institutionalism and The Blair Government." Parliamentary Affairs, 60(2), pp.313-331.
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2006) "Challenging the New Interpretivist Approach: Towards a Critical Realist Alternative." British Politics, 1(1), pp.113-138.
  • McAnulla, S.D. (2005) "Making Hay with Actualism: The Need For a Realist Concept of Structure". Politics, 25(1), pp.31-38.


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  • The UK Coalition government
  • The Scottish Referendum
  • The New Atheism

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