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Dr Nicholas Jepson

Teaching Fellow in International Development

I work in comparative political economy/economic sociology of development and am especially interested in the implications of the rise of China for the rest of the global South.

I have conducted fieldwork in Ecuador, Zambia, Jamaica and South Africa as well as researching or studying at universities in the United States, Germany, India, South Africa and Argentina.

I previously taught at the University of Bristol, the University of the West of England and Bath Spa University.

Research Interests

My research interests include global political economy, world-systems analysis, natural resources, Chinese development and externalisation, the BRICS, the developmental state, comparative methods, peripheral class formation and state-society relations.

Geographically, my main areas of focus are Latin America (particularly the Central Andes) and sub-Saharan Africa (especially Southern Africa).

My PhD thesis argued that Chinese industrialisation has driven major shifts in world commodity markets since 2003, providing natural resource-exporting states in the South with substantial new capital inflows which lie beyond the control of the World Bank, IMF and global capital markets.

As a consequence, natural resource-exporters have been able to formulate and implement their own nationally-defined development strategies, free of IFI-imposed policy constraints, for the first time in a generation. I present a typology of post-neoliberal natural resource-based regime types as part of the research.

I am currently researching the developmental impacts of Chinese infrastructure projects in the South, including the inter-oceanic Nicaraguan Grand Canal and the ‘One Belt, One Road’ New Silk Road initiative across Asia, Africa and Europe.


I currently teach on the following modules.

  • Development Approaches
  • State and Politics in Africa
  • Global Inequalities and Development
  • Africa in the Contemporary World
  • Democracy and Development

Key Publications

Jepson, N. (2014, July). The end of the long twentieth century? The rise of China and the possibilities of a new global Fordism. Global e.

Jepson, N., & Söyler, T. (2013, June 21). Turkey's dissatisfied majority. Prospect Magazine.

Jepson, N. (2012). "A 21st century scramble: South Africa, China and the rare earth metals industry", (CCS Paper 2012/01 / SAIIA Occasional Paper 113). Cape Town/Stellenbosch, South Africa: University of Stellenbosch Centre for Chinese Studies/ South African Institute for International Affairs.

Media Contact Areas

  • China and Latin America
  • China and Africa
  • Natural resources and development
  • The BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

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