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Dr Victoria Honeyman

Lecturer in British Politics

Since completing my PhD here at the University of Leeds in 2005, I have taught on a wide range of modules. My primary specialism is British Politics, with a particular specialism in British foreign policy. I have written extensively on the foreign policy objectives of both the Conservative and Labour Parties. I am also the BISA Foreign Policy Working Group Convenor. My PhD was a critical biography of the Labour MP Richard Crossman and was published in 2007.

I am module leader for the third year module British Foreign Policy and the first year British Politics module. I also teach on the second year modules Approaches to Political Science and British Central Government. I have previously run the third year Britain and the EU module and the Political Corruption module. In addition to working in POLIS I have also taught in the School of History and worked at the University of Salford for several years running their second year Labour Party History module.

Research Interests

Much of my current research is focused on British Foreign Policy. I have recently published an article entitled ‘Liberal Interventionism to Liberal Conservatism; the short road in foreign policy from Blair to Cameron’ in British Politics journal. I also organised a conference entitled ‘Britain and the Wider World’, held at the University of Leeds in July 2015, focusing on the importance of personal relationship in bi-lateral foreign policy. The papers from this conference will become a journal special edition.

I am also working on an article on Conservative foreign policy under Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard and am planning to begin writing in the near future on Britain’s development aid programme.


I teach on the following modules:

  • British Foreign Policy
  • Approaches to Political Science
  • British Central Government
  • British Politics
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate dissertation supervisor.

PhD Supervision

I am keen to supervise students in the following fields:

  • British Foreign Policy
  • British Political Parties
  • Political Biographies

Key Publications



  • Honeyman, V. (2015) ‘Liberal interventionism to Liberal Conservatism: the short road in foreign policy from Blair to Cameron’, British Politics, accepted and due for imminent publication.
  • Honeyman, V. (February 2009) 'Gordon Brown and International Policy', Policy Studies, 30:1 Special Edition, pp. 85-100.
  • Dorey, P. and Honeyman, V. (June 2010) ‘Ahead of his time: Richard Crossman and House of Commons reform in the 1960s’, British Politics, 5:2.
  • Honeyman, V. (2010) ‘After the Bomb; Civil Defence and Nuclear War in Britain 1945-68’, Political Quarterly, 81, 453-455.
  • Honeyman, V. (2012) ‘Liberal Conservatism and Foreign Policy’ in Oppermann, K. (ed.) British Foreign and Security Policy;Historical Legacies and Current Challenges, Augsburg: Wißner-Verlag 2012. Historical Legacies and Current Challenges (Augsburg Wißner).

Chapters in Books

  • Honeyman, V. (2009) ‘David Cameron and International Policy’ in Lee, S and Beech, M (eds.) The Conservatives under David Cameron; Built to Last? (Houndsmills, Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Honeyman, V. (2009) Gordon Brown and International Policy’ in Lee, S and Beech, M (eds.) The Brown Government; a policy evaluation (London, Routledge).
  • Heppell, T. and Honeyman, V. (2012) ‘Clement Attlee’ in Heppell, T. (ed.) (2012) Leaders in Opposition, (Houndsmills, Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Honeyman, V. (2012) ‘Foreign policy’ in Heppell, T. and Seawright, D. (eds.) Cameron and the Conservatives: The Transition to Coalition Government, (Houndsmills, Palgrave Macmillan).


  • Theakston, K.; Gouge, E.S.; Honeyman, V. (2007) Life After Losing or Leaving: the experience of former Members of Parliament. The Association of Former Members of Parliament.


Media Contact Areas

  • British Politics
  • The British Labour Party
  • The British Conservative Party
  • Britain's relationship with the EU
  • British foreign policy

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