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Journal articles

  • Harlen CM, ‘Does the concept of toxicity travel?’, Representation, 47.3 (2011), 319-330
    DOI: 10.1080/00344893.2011.596442

  • Harlen CM, ‘Government and economy: a global perspective’, POLIT STUD-LONDON, 50.4 (2002), 886-886

  • Harlen CM, ‘The Leadership Styles of the German Chancellors from Schmidt to Schroder’, Politics and Policy, 30.2 (2002), 347-371

  • Harlen CM, ‘Schröder's Economic Reforms: The End of Reformstau?’, German Politics, 11.1 (2002), 61-80

  • Harlen CM, ‘Corporate power, American democracy, and the automobile industry’, POLIT STUD-LONDON, 48.5 (2000), 1061-1061

  • Harlen CM, ‘A Reappraisal of Classical Economic Liberalism and Economic Nationalism’, International Studies Quarterly, 43.4 (1999)


  • Harlen CM, ‘2011, “Charles Lindblom Politics and Markets,” In K. Theakston, ed. Volumes of Influence, Manchester University Press, August 2011’, in Volumes of influence, ed. by Theakston K (Manchester: University of Manchester Press, 2011)

  • Harlen CM, ‘Globalisation and German Labour Market Policies’, in New Aspects of Labour Market Policy, ed. by Funk L and Green S (Verlag fuer Wissenschaft und Forschung, 2002), 39-53

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