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Dr N. Susan Gaines

Lecturer in Politics

Dr N. Susan Gaines joined POLIS in September 2013 as a Lecturer in Politics and International Studies. 

She received her BA with honours in Political Science, History and Philosophy from the University of Louisville in 2005. She received her MA in Political Science in 2005 and her PhD in 2011, both from Louisiana State University.

For two years, she served as a Teaching Fellow in Research Methods and Political Science at University College London.

Research Interests

Susan’s research interests take place at the nexus political theory and empirical political science.

She is interested, particularly, in questions of ethics in politics and is currently working on projects that attempt to apply sentimentalist ethics to questions of public attitudes toward charitable aid requests. Susan is also interested in issues of gay and lesbian rights, public opinion, and politics and literature.


This year, Dr Gaines will teach on the following modules.

  • Studying and Researching in POLIS
  • MA Induction
  • Advanced Political Analysis
  • Development Practice
  • Research Methods in Development
  • Justice, Community and Conflict
  • Approaches to Political Science

PhD Supervision

Susan is happy to take on PhD students with interests in ...

  • ethics, particularly from the standpoint of the history of political thought or sentimentalism
  • the philosophy of need
  • theories of cosmopolitanism
  • politics and literature
  • other topics related to my research interests.

Key Publications

Journal articles
  • Gaines, N. Susan and James C. Garand. 2010. “Morality, Locality or Equality?:Analyzing Determinants of Support for Same-Sex Marriage.”  Political Research Quarterly 63: 553-67. 
Work under review and in progress
  • Gaines, N. Susan.  “Nietzsche’s Dionysian and Apolline Legacy in the Writing of Albert Camus.”   (article manuscript - under review)
  • Dasandi, Niheer and N. Susan Gaines.  “Pity and Pathos in Foreign Aid Campaigns.” (article manuscript)
  • Gaines, N. Susan.  “Human Rights and the Problem of Potentiality.”  (article manuscript)
  • Gaines, N. Susan.  “Resurrecting Rousseau:  Compassion in the Public Sphere.”  (article manuscript)
  • Gaines, N. Susan and M. RodwanAbouharb.  “Testing Machiavelli: Is it Better to be Feared than Loved?”  (article manuscript)

Media Contact Areas

  • Ethical cosmopolitanism
  • American public opinion
  • Opinion on same-sex marriage (US and UK)

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