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Professor Caroline Dyer

Professor of Education and International Development

My professional interests as a researcher-practitioner lie in education, social inclusion and social justice. Much of my work has focused on nomadic groups’ experiences of Education For All: I have migrated with pastoralists in western India and examined the dynamics of their education inclusion there, as well as in Afghanistan, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

I am also interested in teachers and their professional development, with experience of applied research in India and Bangladesh.

At present, I am drawing more on my background as a modern linguist to investigate language and classroom practices, and co-lead the British Academy-funded Reading to Learn network which has partners in the UK, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda.

I am Chair of the British Association for International and Comparative Education, and chair the Editorial Board of the Association’s journal Compare. I am also the Postgraduate Research Tutor for POLIS.

Research Interests

I am broadly concerned with education and inequalities, and have interests in how differing forms of education interface with livelihoods and, particularly, the ‘terms of inclusion’ for mobile groups and the dynamics of Alternative Basic Education; education policy implementation and governmentality; teachers and professional development in South Asia; and home-school languages and literacies.


At Master’s level, I lead core courses in Education in Development and Development Management, and contribute to Global Inequalities. At undergraduate level, I lead a second year module on Development Practice and contribute to Global Development Challenges.

My teaching is research-led, delivered through interactive approaches designed to maximise student opportunities to reflect on and share critical insights into development practices. I also specialise in developing students’ technical abilities in participatory and visual techniques.

PhD Supervision

I particularly welcome candidates with broad interests in education in development who are concerned to investigate what ‘education inclusion’ might mean. You might, for example, focus your research project on Alternative Basic Education; state schooling, quality and social justice; education and community development; policy trajectories under EFA/MDG/SDG; socially situated literacies; language in education; education and mobilities.

I have supervised to successful completion dissertations on education and human rights in Senegal, adult education and capabilities in Cambodia, volunteer teachers in Indonesia, corruption and higher education in Thailand. I also have supervised a range of other development topics including indigenous health knowledge in Cochabamba, decentralisation and community development in Ghana, democratisation in Oman, and gender and micro enterprise in Cameroon.

Key Publications


  • Dyer, C. 2014. Livelihoods and Learning: Education For All and the marginalisation of mobile pastoralists. London: Routledge (Education, Poverty and International Development series).
  • Dyer, C. 2000. Operation Blackboard: policy implementation in Indian elementary education. Oxford: Symposium Books

Journal Articles

  • Dyer, C. 2016. The Future of Pastoralism: Education approaches. OIE Review 35 (2).
  • Dyer, C. 2016. Evolving approaches to educating children from nomadic communities. Prospects (forthcoming).
  • Dyer, C. 2013. (2013). Does mobility have to mean being hard to reach? Mobile pastoralists and education’s ‘terms of inclusion’.  Compare 43 (5) 6-1-621
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  • Dyer, C. 2008. Literacies and Discourses of Development among the Rabaris of Kutch, India. Journal of Development Studies. 44 (6), 863-879, also published in Basu, K., B. Maddox and A. Robinson-Pant (eds.) 2009. Interdisciplinary approaches to Literacy and Development. Oxford: Routledge.
  • Dyer, C. 2008. Early Years Literacy in Indian Urban Schools: Structural, Social and Pedagogical Issues, Language and Education 22 (5), 237-253.
  • Dyer, C. 2007 Working children and educational inclusion in Yemen. International Journal of Educational Development 27 (5), 512-524.

Recent Journal Special Issues

  • Dyer, C. (ed.) 2013. Educating the Poorest. International Journal of Educational Development 33 (3).
  • Dyer, C. (ed.) 2012. Developing Education, Challenging Marginalisation. Special Issue of Compare 2012 (42, 2 co–edited with Sheila Aikman).

Edited Books

Working Papers

  • Dyer, C. 2009. Mobile pastoralists and education: strategic options (with S. Kratli) Working Paper no. 1. London: International Institute for Environment and. Development.
  • Dyer, C. 2008. Chronic Poverty and Education: a review of literature (with P. Rose) Chronic Poverty Research Centre Working Paper No. 131.

Chapters in Recent Books

  • Dyer, C. 2009. Schooling and the Rabaris of Kachchh in India: The Need for Change in Danaher, P. et al. (eds.) Traveller, Nomadic and Migrant Education. Oxford: Routledge.

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