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Dr Charlie Dannreuther

Lecturer in European Political Economy

Before working at Leeds I held positions at the LSE, Warwick and Manchester where I developed an interest in exploring international political economy through small business policy. 
My recent policy work has been recognised in UK government responses to Select Committees (on the value of social science research), in FCO publicity materials (Turkish Lisbon Agenda project) and in my appointment as expert for the Economic and Social Committee opinion on the EU Commission's proposal for a Single Market for a C21st Europe. In October 2008 I start to implement a project with the TUC for the FCO in Turkey to help develop Trade Union capacity in Turkey.

I am also the POLIS Widening Participation Officer.

Research Interests

My conceptual outlook is broadly in line with French Regulation school and specifically in exploring international modes of social regulation and their role in the renegotiation of the subject. I place special reference on what small business policy reveals about political and economic systems historically and comparatively as illustrated through financial and labour market policies.  My work is strongly informed by practical experience in policy.


I teach European Political Economy, EU political institutions (Governing Europe) as well as Britain in the EU.

PhD Supervision

My wonderful PhD Students have included Dr Paul McCarthy (a Gramscian explanation of EU Treaties), Dr Chunyao Yi (the origins of regional integration).  Nan Kunnamas just completed a fascinating study on the new forms of protectionism evident in food scares such as bird flu. 

I am particularly interested in new students PhD interested in the following areas: SMEs and the welfare state, statistical regimes in the EU, close companies in the UK, trade union interventions, Turkish accession, donor interventions, representation in the EU and in US sanctions policy.

Key Publications

Book Chapters 
  • Dannreuther, C. (2008) 'The State and Socioeconomics' in Wilfred Dolfsma ed Handbook of Socioeconomics, Edward Elgar
  • Dannreuther, C. and Petit, P. (2007) 'Contemporary Capitalisms and Internationalisation: From One Diversity to Another' in Wolfram Elsner, Hardy Hanappi eds Varieties of Capitalism and New Institutional Deals Edward Elgar
  • Dannreuther, C. (2007) 'A Zeal for a Zeal' - The Political Economy of the SME' Comparative European Politics
  • Dannreuther, C. and Petit, P. (2006) 'Regulation Theory and the EU' Competition and Change 10, 2, pp. 180-199.
  • Dannreuther, C. (2006) 'Post-Fordism, Beyond National Models: The Main Challenges for Regulation Theory' Competition and Change 10,  2, pp. 100-112

Media Contact Areas

  • EU politics and policy
  • Enlargement Turkey and Bosnia
  • SME policy UK and the EU

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