Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law

School of Politics and International Studies

Research Student: Dr Nyambura Wambugu

Demilitarising South Sudan

My work explores demilitarisation as an alternative approach to post conflict security in South Sudan. The country’s post-conflict security has faltered under a multitude of different layers of conflicts since the end of the 2st civil war in 2005. This thesis explores the reasons for this predicament. It examines the extent and reason for the degeneration of the post-independence South Sudanese state by engaging with contemporary debates on peacebuilding and critical liberal peacebuilding and positions demilitarisation as a viable alternative. As a case study, South Sudan’s experiences raise fundamental questions for post conflict security and as the title ‘Demilitarisation of South Sudan’ suggests for demilitarisation as a holistic approach to post-conflict security and important part of the wider post-conflict reconstruction jigsaw.


I was a former BBC Correspondent in South Sudan.

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