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Research Student: Jennifer Sands

Organised crime and the state in Spain

Photo of Jennifer Sands

I started my MPhil in 2001 and my research, which I'm undertaking on a part-time basis, is focused on the phenomenon of organised crime in Spain.  Although Spain is not a country that we immediately associate with organised crime, police and academic sources show that the problem is actually quite prolific. My research therefore generally aims to shed some light on this relatively under researched area but, particularly, I am interested in exploring why organised crime has taken root and continued to flourish in the country. Using a largely qualitative research methodology, and through the presentation of three cases studies of regions of Spain, my thesis will specifically consider the causes or facilitating factors of organised crime in Spain.  Particularly, I will analyse whether there are various weaknesses and inefficiencies present in some of Spain's institutions and systems, which could act as facilitators of organised crime in the country.

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