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Research Student: Dr Helene Dyrhauge

On the right track? DG TREN’s role in EU Railway Policy Making

Photo of Dr Helene Dyrhauge

My thesis focuses on EU policy-making where it examines the role of Directorate General for Energy and Transport (DG TREN) in formulating EU Railway Policy. It argues that DG TREN is a influential actor that uses the policy environment to push through its own policy agenda by strategically influencing policy outcomes vis-à-vis other Directorates-General. Thus, the thesis adopts an actor-centred institutionalist perspective to investigate DG TREN’s ability to influence EU policy-making, especially in terms of how its relationship with other Commission actors, interest groups and Member States are able to develop and shape EU Railway Policy. The thesis uses the case study of EU Railway Policy to expose the internal workings of the Commission and the heterogeneous nature of the Commission. By looking a wide range of Directorates-General the thesis takes a holistic perspective on railway policy by incorporating Environmental Policy, Social and Employment Policy, Competition Policy, Regional Policy and Transport Policy thereby identifying the different levels of policy coherence between the Directorates-General in relation to EU Railway Policy.

Research interests
EU Governance and Policy-Making, EU Transport Policy, Sustainable Mobility, Europeanization and New Institutionalism.

I am currently teaching level 2 modules: PIED2305 “Governing the EU” and PIED2328 “Making the EU”. Previously I have taught level 1 modules: PIED1300 European Politics and PIED1330 “Debating Europe”.

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