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Dr Henrietta Abane
Sustainable Rural Livelihoods and Women's Access to Resources in a Southern Ghanaian Forest Community.

Dr Christiana Abonge
Women’s microenterprise development: An effective strategy for poverty reduction in the North West province of Cameroon?

Dr Adesoji Oyedele Abimbola Adeniyi
The Politics of Bitumen Development in Nigeria

Dr Laila Suriya Ahmad Apandi
ASEAN-EU Relations

Dr Sulaiman Al-Farsi
State and Democracy in Rentier States

Dr Joshua Olaniyi Alabi
The Dynamics of Oil and Fiscal Federalism: Challenges to Governance and Development in Nigeria

Dr Melanie Antoniou
Power, Order and Change in International Politics: Is the Cosmocratical Community a Future Answer to Past and Present Power Politics?

Dr Wali Aslam
"Operation Iraq Freedom: United States and the Idea of 'Great Power Responsibility' in International Society"


Dr John Ballance
The European Parliament and the illusion of representation (December 2009)

Cemaliye Beysoylu
EU Integration and Conflict Resolution: The Cases of Cyprus and Kosovo (July 2014)

Dr Stefanie Bluth
Principles, actions and impacts of normative power in EU-Russian relations between 1999 and 2008 (March 2009)

Dr Gabriel Botchwey
Community Development, Decentralisation and Social Change: Experiences from Ghana (December 2011)

Dr Roland Bushell
The Labour Party's statecraft: an indicator of success or failure? (June 2009)


Dr Hector Calleros-Rodriguez
Indigenous Governance and Land Conflict: A case study of the Lacandon Community (Chiapas, Mexico) (September 2010)

Dr Egle Cesnulyte
Limited agency in a neo-liberal world: the case of female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya

Dr Anyarat Chattharakul
How to win a national election in Thailand's reforming politics: elements of Thai-style election campaigning

Dr Betty Chinyamunyamu
The Invisibilisation of Female Farmers from Agricultural Policies and Interventions: The Case of the Malawi farm Inputs Subsidy Programme (FISP) (February 2014)

Dr Gyubin Choi
The Evolution and Practice of Economic Statecraft in South Korea: The Case Study of South Korea’s Positive Engagement towards North Korea (May 2014)

Dr Ben Cislaghi
Human Rights Education and Social Change, the case of Senegal

Dr Gordon Clubb
Disengagement and De-Radicalisation of the Irish Republican movement

Dr Hannah Cross
West African Labour Mobility and EU Borders: migrant communities in Senegal, Mauritania and Spain (September 2010)


Dr Benedict Docherty
Liberal vanguards and the sustainability of the solidarist international society typified by the Responsibility to Protect: The P3 states and the United Nations Security Council in Cote d’Ivoire, Libya and Syria (2010 – 2012) (December 2016)

Dr Helene Dyrhauge
On the right track? DG TREN’s role in EU Railway Policy Making (August 2010)


Dr Mehrinaz El Awady
Gender based violence in Egypt (April 2010)

Dr Bradley Evans
War for the Politics of Life


Anne Flaspoeler
Getting the APSA in shape: contribution of peace training facilities to regional integration in Africa (September 2012)


Dr Andrew Gunn
The Relationship between Universities and the State in England: An Analysis of Academic Research Policy 1964-2014 (September 2015)

Dr Charles Gyimah
Decentralisation from 'Above' and Expectations from 'Below' (September 2011)


Dr Rowshan Hannan
Co-operative governance: a pathway to rural poverty reduction? The case of Kenya

Dr Terry Hathaway
Corporate Power and US Oil Dependence Policy Evolution under George W. Bush

Dr Naomi Head
Conflict and Communication: critical theory, international relations and the intervention in Kosovo.

Dr Phillip Hunter
Generating the global economy: a critical examination of governance in West Yorkshire (September 2014)


Samuel Jarvis
Moral Progress and its Political Limits: ‘Common Humanity’ as a Driver of State Behaviour

Dr Kate Jehan
Gender, generation and globalisation: the growing hold of dowry culture in South India (September 2009)

Dr Alice Jowett
Adult Skills Development: Demanding a ‘radical’ new approach?


Dr Simonida Kacarska
Minority policies in the EU accession process: the cases of Croatia and Macedonia.

Dr Jamie Kalil
Guerilla and state strategies and the battle for 'hearts and minds'; a comparative study of Columbia and Peru (March 2012)

Dr Virginia Kamowa
Civil Society and Policy Making in Malawi (November 2010)

Dr Tahira Khalil
India and Pakistan's nuclear programme (March 2009)

Dr Elvira King
EU relations with the Middle East (September 2012)

Dr Natthanan Kunnamas
Politico-economic impacts to Thai agricultural trade (March 2008)


Dr Van Hai Le
The Challenge of Asymmetric Warfare to Jus in Bello: Should International Law Be Modified and if so How? (September 2011)

Dr Alis Lugton
Citizen 2000 and the European Convention for the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms (March 2008)


Dr Simon Mabon
The impact of identity incongruence upon regional security (September 2012)

Dr Giuliano Martiniello
The Agrarian Question in South Africa: an historical and contemporary (policy) perspective from Kwazulu-Natal (September 2010)

Dr Nketti Mason
Resource Curse, Environmental Governance in the mining sector in Sierra Leone. Case study Kono.

Dr Henry Mbawa
Local Governance and Ethnicity in Sierra Leone. (September 2012)

Dr Hannah McDowall
Shifting patterns of value chain governance in fair trade handicrafts home accessories and fashion chains and the position of African women producers (December 2009)

Dr Keir Milburn
How does a multitude decide? The use of collaborative tools in the anti-globalisation movement (February 2010)

Dr Philani Moyo
Urban food insecurity, coping strategies and resistance in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (October 2009)


Dr Louis Nwabueze Ezeilo
Conceptual Pluralism in Poverty: A Case Study of Nigeria (September 2014)


Dr Natsuko Oka
Nation building in post-Soviet Kazakhstan: is Kazakhstan a nationalising state?

Dr Jide Martyns Okeke
The 'Responsibility to Protect' principle: a case study of the Darfur crisis since 2003 (September 2010)

Dr Aida Opoku Mensah
Media and democratisation in Africa: The role of radio in Ghana's December 2000 elections (August 2010)


Dr Tim Page
Russian Policy towards North Korea: the search for a post-Soviet identity on the Korean Peninsula (September 2010)

Dr Min-Hyoung Park
Alliance Theory and Republic of Korea's Dynamic Alliance Strategy under a Turbulent Environment in Northeast Asia (September 2010)

Dr Rishi Paul
U.S. Post Bipolar Nuclear Strategy and the Elusive Convergence of Strategic Defence: An Essence of Decision Reading of U.S. Ballistic Missile Defence after Mutual Assured Destruction (January 2009)

Dr Pechladda Pechpakdee
Community development on the ground: the micro-politics of planning policy in four Thai communities

Dr John Pender
Padraig Flynn: a case study in supranational political entrepreneurship

Dr Uer-Aree Phothiyarom
Technology-Upgrading Approach for Late Industrialised Economy: The Case of Vietnam’s Information Technology Industrial Policy (September 2012)

Dr Volha Piotukh
The Biopolitics of Humanitarian Assistance: 'Caring' for the Populations of Afghanistan and Belarus (September 2011)

Dr Antika Preeyanon
Thailand's 'Village Fund Project' and its impacts on the socio-political characteristic of Thai local villagers


Dr Slawomir Raszewski
European Union Energy Policy and the Black Sea/Caspian Region: Between Security Community and Security Complex? (September 2011)

Dr Esther Richards
Reproductive rights and the Catholic Church: the influence of the church on women's reproductive self-determination in the context of Timor-Leste (December 2010)

Dr Montornkit Roobkajorn
Southern Thailand Conflict (September 2010)


Dr Alam Saleh
Identity and societal security in Iran (October 2010)

Jennifer Sands
Organised crime and the state in Spain (March 2009)

Dr Mohd Dino Khairri Shariffuddin
The loss of majority vote: impact on Malaysia's foreign direct investment (November 2012)

Aijan Sharshenova
EU democracy promotion in Central Asia: Implementation in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Dr Faiz Sheikh
Pursuing the International Relations of Islam: A Critique of International Relations Theory

Dr Usamard Siampukdee
Migrant Care Workers and Japan's Aging Crisis: Policy Changes and the Partnership Agreement with ASEAN (September 2011)

Ioannis Sotiropoulos
The Soviet invasion in Afghanistan and the fundamental reasons of the Soviet defeat (January 2010)

Dr Simon Sweeney
The Evolution of European Security and Defence Policy (March 2013)


Dr Stephanie Talbut
The Role of the Rogue State in International Relations (September 2010)

Dr Michelle Tan
The politics of educational decentralisation in Thailand

Dr Demetris Tillyris
Political Morality and the Problem of Dirty Hands: A Philosophical Critique and Re-interpretation. (December 2014)

Dr Tammy Traitongyoo
The management of irregular migration in Thailand: implications for the notion of Thainess, identity and citizenship


Dr Nyambura Wambugu
Demilitarising South Sudan (September 2014)

Dr Narut Wasinpiyamongkhon
Environmental movements in Thailand (September 2012)

Dr Mirjam Werner
Political activism and sensemaking (April 2010)

Dr Polly Wilding
Civil War in Disguise: Gendered responses to everyday violence in Brazil

Dr James Worrall
Oman: between independence and colonial control 1970 - 1976 (September 2008)

Dr Chris Wylde
Argentina and the Argentinazo: State and International elite responses to the Tango Crisis of 2001 (November 2009)


Dr Volkan Yilmaz
Health Care Reform and Politics of Health Care in Turkey


Dr Nahla Zaazoua
Reasons for the failure or success of USAID projects in Egypt (September 2010)

Dr Girum Zeleke
Decentralisation in post-1991 Ethiopia (December 2009)

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