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Dr Yanfang Tian

Assistant Professor, East China University of Political Science and Law

Tian Yanfang is an Assistant Professor at East China University of Political Science and Law.

She gained her PhD in Labour Economics from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2010.

Research Interests

  • Income gaps and poverty
  • Health inequality and public health policy
  • Social contest in the transformation of China


  • Labour Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Key Publications

  • Shi, L., Tianyanfang(2013), Distortions in the capital market and disequilibrium of the labour market, Shanghai journal of economics,No.11.2013.
  • Tian Yanfang(2013),Measuring the effect of health on income distribution, Journal of Yunnan university of finance and economics, No.6.2013
  • Tian Yanfang(2013),Research on the correlation between health and wage by simultaneous equations, South China population, vol.28.2013.
  • Tian Yanfang(2012), Narrowing China’s income gaps in the light of Latin American experience, Academic journal of zhongzhou,No.6.2012.
  • Shi, L., Tian yanfang(2012), “Deregulation” in the Labour Market and “Educated Unemployment”, Chinese journal of population science, No.1.2012.
  • Tian Yanfang(2011) The effect of health status and health shocks on working hours, Population Journal, No.2.2011.
  • Tian Yanfang(2010), The effect of health status on Chinese older people’s labour market participation, Journal of Shanxi Finance and Economics University,No.3,2010.

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