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Dr Lui Lizhen

Assistant Professor, East China University of Political Science and Law

Lizhen Lui is an assistant professor at the East China University of Political Science and Law. She gained her PhD in Business Management from Fudan University, Shanghai in 2009. Her research is concerned with processes and behaviour of decision-making in strategic management, social enterprise and corporate social eesponsibility, especially the development of Chinese non-profit organisations. She is currently studying and working as a visiting scholar at Duke University to establish deeper academic links with USA and UK.

Research Interests

  • Strategy Management
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Social Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Principles of Management
  • Public Policy
  • Organisational Behaviour

Key Publications

  • Bao Jiming and Liu Lizhen (2012) Leadership &Professional Duty, Fudan University Publishing House, 2012.10.
  • Liu Lizhen (2011) The Importance of Historical Empirical Method in the Management Study, East China Economic Management. 2011.11.
  • Liu Lizhen (2011) The Governance Mechanism of Socially Responsibility Investment in China, Exploration and Free Views, 2011.08.
  • Liu Lizhen (2011) Research on Appraisal Methods of Team Performance Based on the Theory of Goal Setting, Public Administration and Human Resources, 2011.04.
  • Liu Lizhen (2010) Strategic Decision-making: the Process and Mechanisms, Shanghai People's Publishing House,2010.08.
  • Liu Lizhen (2007) The Exploration on performance evaluation system based on the strategic orientation, research and development management,2007.6.14-20.
  • Liu Lizhen (2008) The Studies on behaviour of decision-making studies in Strategic innovation prossess, Public Administration and Human Resources,2008.04
  • Liu Lizhen (2007) The Study on Culture Survey in the Cross-Culture Management, Business Era in august, 2007.
  • Liu Lizhen (2007) The study on inherent relationship between Social Capital and Human Capital, Business Research in august, 2007.
  • Liu Lizhen (2007) The Analysis of Public Policy in Terms of Gender History?Lanzhou Xue kan in august, 2007. 121-125.
  • Liu Lizhen (2007) Cross-cultural Management: comparison, measurement and collaboration, Business era,2007.8.43-45.
  • Liu Lizhen (2007) Credit Management, Fudan University Press, August. 2007.
  • Liu Lizhen (2007) Research on the Forming of Corporation's Core Competence Based on Tacit Knowledge, Digest of Management Science in February, 2007.
  • Liu Lizhen (2007) The preliminary exploration on the functionary approach of the entrepreneurial spirit in the public sector, Public administration and human resource in February, 2007.
  • Liu Lizhen (2005) The  analysis on hearing system in China's public policy, Shanghai Business School Review in October, 2005.

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