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Dr Ge Chuanhong

Assistant Professor, East China University of Political Science and Law

Chuanhong Ge is an Assistant Professor currently working on a National Social Science project, the Comparative Studies of the BRICS International Strategy. This project advances a comparative perspective of the BRICS and its grand strategy in a changing world. Specifically, this project will provide an explanation why the BRICS states come together and its means for the international community.

He gained his PhD from Fudan University, Shanghai in 2010.

Research Interests

Chuanhong Ge has very broad research interests, these can be categorised into three major fields: international relations; political theory; and political philosophy of the Early China.


  • Studies of the Contemporary China’s Political Institutions (taught in Chinese)
  • Studies of the Contemporary China’s Public Goods (taught in Chinese)

Key Publications

  • “Pessimistic Theory of Bifurcation Development of Early China and Early Europe”, International Politics Studies, Jan., 2009, (SSCI)
  • “A Suspicious Conclusion of the ‘Deep Democratization’ about Anti-corruption”, Foreign Social Science Studies, April, 2009,(SSCI)
  • “The Coming China-India Conflict: A Delusive Conclusion,” Foreign Social Science Studies, No.5, 2009, (SSCI)
  • “The Reality and Plight of the Governance Model of the New Empire,” International Watch, May, 2005,(SSCI)

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