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Dr Bai Yanli

Associate Professor in Management, East China University of Political Science and Law

Yanli Bai is the head of division of Labour and Social Security in School of Politics and Public Administration, East China University of Political Science and Law. She is concerned with employment relations, especially in labour-management conflict in China. Based on her previous research in Organizational Behaviour, Human Resouces and Labour Economics, her current research focuses on explaining the driving forces of Chinese labour dispute or protest from an integrative perspective.

She gained her PhD in Business Management from Fudan University, Shanghai in 2011.

Research Interests

  • Employment relations in China
  • Collective labour Dispute and labour market in China.
  • Labour policy


  • Human Resource Management
  • Labour Economics
  • Labour Relations

Key Publications

  • Bai Yanli(2012):How does Psychological Contract Breach influence Employees’ Behaviours of EVLN? The Journal of Financial and Economic Issues. No.9.90-97.
  • Bai Yanli(2012).The Effect of Employee’s Perception of Employment Relationship on their Behaviour: Based on the Theoretical Framework of Psychological Contract. Beijing: China Law Press.
  • Bai Yanli(2011). Employees’ Career Development and its Effect on the Perception of Employment relationship Statistics and Decision.14.41-43.
  • Bai Yanli(2011).Organizational Cynicism: A Framework of Employment Relationship. Journal of Lanzhou.3.84-88.
  • Bai Yanli(2010).How to Improve Employees’ Engagement? From the Perspective of Career Development. Statistics and Decision.22.48-50.
  • Bai Yanli(2007).Biodata: A HR Selection Method, Journal of Economics and Management.6.23-28.
  • Bai Yanli(2007).The Risks of HRO and Solution. Journal of Chinese Human Resource Devolopment.5.18-22.
  • Bai Yanli(2007). The Career Management in the Boundary-less Career. Journal of Chinese Human Resource Devolopment.5.18-22.1-5.
  • Bai Yanli(2007).the Development of Flexible Employment and HRM Innovation, Contemporary Finance and Economics. 2,33-37.

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