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Jörg Wiegratz - No Country for Dirty Money on The Conversation

10 August 2015 | Peter Edwards

Dr. Jörg Wiegratz recently published an article on The Conversation website entitled "No country for dirty money: behind Britain's populist promise on corruption".

In the article, Dr. Wiegratz examines the debate surrounding crime and corruption in the global economy, and argues that David Cameron’s promise of a world where “corruption in all its forms” is defeated; where all the investment coming into the UK is “clean”; where no foreign fraudster hides “dodgy cash” in London, and where no place in Britain will be home to “dirty money” at all, is populist spectacle at its best. The article was re-published by The Tax Justice Network, Corruption Watch, Descrier and Counterpunch.

The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public.

Dr. Wiegratz's previous article published on the website: "Bankers have a moral compass, it just may not look like yours" examines morality in banking in the wake of numerous scandals and allegations of misconduct since the banking crisis.

He has also published an article on a related topic with former POLIS PhD student, Dr Egle Cesnulyte. The empirical research that was the basis for this article had been funded by a POLIS PhD scholarship, the British Institute in Eastern Africa and the Gilchrist Educational Trust (Dr. Cesnulyte) and a University of Sheffield PhD scholarship (Dr. Wiegratz):

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