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13 June 2014 |

Dr McAulla talks about the potential effects of Scottish Independence on the rest of the UK.

His article entitled “Shockwaves of Scots’ vote will be felt in North” was featured in a recent issue of the Yorkshire Post.

As less time remains until the referendum in Scotland its importance has gained more attention from the UK, although it is still viewed as an event which will only have a major impact on Scotland itself.

Dr McAulla notes that “if Scotland votes ‘Yes’, the economic and political implications for the rest of the UK – including the north of England – could be profound”. Currently there are conflicting views- some are of the opinion that independence could deliver a huge blow for Yorkshire, others say it could provide it with an economic boost.

Dr McAulla also highlights that independence would give Scottish Parliament the power to set their own tax rates. “Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Alex Salmond has already made it clear he intends to use these powers to set corporation tax at levels significantly below those of England”. His intention being, to make investment in Scotland more attractive to international businesses compared to northern regions in the UK.

The full article can be viewed online.

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