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Dr Jörg Wiegratz discusses the arrival of The New Normal

10 April 2014 |

Lecturer in Political Economy of Global Development, Dr Jörg Wiegratz, considers the phenomenon of The New Normal in market societies of the post-crash capitalist world.

His article in Le Monde diplomatique begins:

“Today’s world is a fast-changing and conflict-laden territory. States and businesses in many places have fine-tuned their priorities to the post-crash requirements of power, profit, survival and renewal. Various post-crash establishment ideologies are on offer: from ’change we need’ to ’we are all in this together’, ’for hardworking people’, ’one nation’ and ’shared prosperity’.”

The piece was also published by Counterpunch with the title: From TINA to TNN: The Normalisation of Advanced Neoliberal Market Society



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