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Dr Jonathan Dean discusses whether men can be feminists

05 August 2014 |

Dr Jonathan Dean debates the question surrounding men's relationship with feminism.

In light of recent Ipsos poll data revealing that almost as many men as women support feminism across 15 "developed"countries, Dr Dean asks 'Can men be feminists?'.

This question shouldn't come as a surprise considering " a substantial number of men are getting directly involved in this activism", including well known celebrities. However by asking this question it "reduces men’s relationship with feminism to a concern with labels and self-identity, and presupposes that we can just answer the question with a straightforward yes or no." Whilst it may seem simple either response has its own repercussions.  Answering no risks "relieving men of any responsibility to engage with the feminism", whilst by answering yes there's the risk of "ushering in a wave of self-proclaimed male feminists who might talk the talk, but fail to actually do anything to contribute to the advancement of gender equality in their everyday lives."

This struggle is debated further with Dr Dean referring to the widespread stereotypes of feminism itself.

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