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Dr Andrew Crines discusses the LBC Leaders debate between Farage and Clegg

27 March 2014 |

Dr Crines comments on Farage and Cleggs' live debate about the European Union.

The article entitled "Farage and Clegg fail to land body blows Europe debate" has been featured in The Conversation.

It discusses the recent debate between Farage and Clegg concerning the European Union. Dr Crines notes how both "used emotional appeals as their main rhetorical device."

It was argued by Clegg that Britain needs to be a part of the European Union in order to "tap into the extra weight the UK gets from being part of that trading bloc". Farage countered this argument by suggesting that Clegg was "doing Britain a disservice by suggesting the UK was not good enough to stand as an independent nation on the world stage".

Following the debate YouGov found that 57% of 1003 voters thought Farage performed best. However Dr Crines notes it is worth considering "which argument exactly he has won".

The full article is available to view online.

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